Good Medicine Beauty Lab - Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains

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These lively cleansing grains burst and bubble as they rid the skin of dirt, daily pollution, and bacteria. Activated by fresh water, Ashes warm and tingle as they work their magic to fade age spots, discoloration, and calm redness. Regain the skin's natural elasticity and luminosity, stimulate healing, and reduce inflammation. Like the phoenix from the ashes, your skin is born again.

4oz or Deluxe Mini Size


Use it with your favorite shampoo to revitalize, heal and nourish your
scalp. Pour your normal amount of shampoo into your palm and
sprinkle Ashes on top. Add water until you have a wonderful foaming
mixture. Wash hair and let mixture rest for a few minutes before
rinsing completely.

Our favorite way to clear age spots and ease redness? Sprinkle a
little Ashes over Clarity Awakening Face Cream – add a little water to
create a mousse-like face mask. Apply to the entire face and relax
for 10 minutes. Rinse completely.


  • Restore skin's natural pH balance
  • Plump, brighten and soften the skin
  • Remineralize skin for increased hydration
  • Diminish age spots and discolorations
  • Protect against premature aging and skin damage
  • Increase cellular metabolism
  • Encourage collagen production

      Full Ingredient List:

      Potato powder*, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid (sugar derived), 50+ trace mineral sea salts, coconut milk*, sugar cane*. Juniper berry EO, lily of the valley attar, cedarwood EO, lime EO, fir EO, geranium EO, vetiver EO. *Organic, EO: Essential Oil