Face Food - Dusk Radiance Treatment Serum

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The Dusk Radiance Treatment Serum is a luxurious, skin-brightening, smoothing, firming and conditioning facial oil that is easy to incorporate into your skincare regime. Hibiscus-infused apricot oil will brighten dull skin while argan, rosehip and avocado oils will deeply condition, heal and slow down the aging process. This serum is for all skin types. Dry, dull, pre-maturely aging, mature, dehydrated, scarred and normal skin types will benefit the most. There are no rules for the serums- if it feels good for you to use this serum in the morning as opposed to the evening, go for it.

.5 oz glass dropper

To use: after cleansing, smooth a few drops over entire face before moisturizing, or mix a small amount into moisturizer.

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-Organic Argan Oil protects the skin's integrity, neutralizes free radicals, improves the skins moisture retention and fights inflammation
-Hibiscus is an incredible natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, increasing cellular turnover rate, creating smoother, brighter skin
-Avocado Oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamins E, B, C, A and K. This oil increases collagen content in the skin, keeping it firm and resilient
-Rosehip Oil is naturals retinol. Packed with anti-aging vitamins A and C, this oil, fades scares, dilated capillaries, dark spots and fights free radical damage
-Geranium and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils not only create a gorgeous sensory experience but they are detoxifying, anti-septic and helps maintain a healthy moisture balance