Face Food - Softening Shave Cream

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The Softening Shave Cream is a nourishing and healthy alternative to drug store and department store men's shaving cream. It lathers well, softens the skin, and gets you a clean, close shave. 

4 oz glass jar

To use: lather with plenty of warm water into beard and mustache, using fingertips or shaving brush. Add more water for more lather. 


-Raw Shea Butter softens the skin and the hair
-Organic Coconut Oil creates great slip for a close shave while increasing skin moisture
-Kaolin Clay helps to gently draw out impurities
-Avocado Oil is full of vitamin E
-Local Raw Honey is anti-bacterial and helps draw water into the skin
-Baby Mild Castile Soap is a gentle and effective way to create lots of lather
-Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oils stimulate circulation and are soothing anti-septics